Our Environment Activities


Environment is one of important issues of today’s development to address and enhance the various issues related to community we are implementing various programs of with the help of different partners.

1. National Environment Awareness Campaign:

Under the ministry of Environment & Forest and VIKSAT Nehru Foundation for Development we had participated in several National Environment Awareness Campaigns covering various subjects.



Target Audience


“Water Life Elixir”

Residential areas of Ankleshwar. 


Solid waste Management

Societies of Ankleshwar Town


Solid waste Management

Rural areas


Conservation of Bio diversity

Rural SHGs and farmers


Climate Change

Rural SHGs and farmers


Climate Change

Rural community


Not participated



Forest for Sustainable livelihood

Rural community


Conservation of Bio diversity

Rural SHGs and farmers


Conservation of Bio diversity

Rural SHGs and farmers

2. Promotion of fuel-efficient devices:

  • With help of “Rural Development Center” Ankleshwar we are promoting and distributing “Smoke less” chulhas to rural areas of the Ankleshwar taluka.
  • With support of Anarde foundation Valsad we are marketing solar cookers to Ankleshwar area.
  • With support of Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation we had implemented Bio gas program at rural part of south Gujarat region.

3. Law cost Sanitation Complex:

    • Under “Nirmal Gujarat Sauchalaya Yojana” we had constructed 250 individual toilet complexes at Anand district.

Glimpses of Environmental activities  

  • Solid waste management awareness camp at village Uchhali of Ankleshwar taluka.
  • Demonstration of Solid waste management model of vermin composting.
  • Medicinal value plantation was theme of Bio diversity conservation campaign at village Gadkhol.
  • Distribution of Medicinal value plants to SHG women.
  • Bio Gas plant constructed at tribal belt of south Gujarat
  • Individual Toilet complex constructed under “Nirmal Gujarat Sauchalaya Yojana”